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Lava Isopod Culture | 10 ct

Lava Isopod Culture | 10 ct

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Transform your terrarium into a vibrant oasis with our Lava Isopod Culture! These remarkable isopods bring the beauty of mottled magma coloration to your bioactive tropical terrariums and vivariums. With their stunning appearance and easy care, these isopods add a touch of nature's charm to your habitat.

Key Features:

  • Stunning Mottled Magma Coloration: Admire the mesmerizing hues of these isopods as they roam and thrive in your terrarium, creating a visually striking environment.
  • Widespread Adaptability: Our Lava Isopods effortlessly adapt to a wide range of terrarium conditions, ensuring they flourish in various environments.
  • Versatile Terrarium Compatibility: Tailored to cater to diverse terrarium setups, these isopods are perfect for bioactive tropical terrariums and vivariums.
  • Compact Size (1-2 cm): Grow your own tiny companions! These isopods reach a manageable size of 1-2 cm, adding an adorable touch to your terrarium landscape.
  • Easy Care, Dry Conditions: Enjoy the simplicity of caring for these isopods. Thriving in drier conditions, they make the perfect low-maintenance addition to your terrarium setup.

Who is it for?

Ideal for both beginners and seasoned terrarium enthusiasts, our Lava Isopod Culture is perfect for those seeking to enhance their terrarium with cute isopods. Whether you're creating a bioactive tropical terrarium for the first time or looking to diversify your vivarium, these isopods provide an easy and visually appealing solution.

How to Use:

Simply introduce the Lava Isopod Culture into your terrarium or vivarium setup. Watch as these delightful creatures contribute to the overall ecosystem, aiding in the breakdown of organic matter and maintaining a balanced environment. For optimal results, provide a habitat with dry conditions, and let nature take its course as these isopods become a charming and functional part of your terrarium. Elevate your isopod terrarium experience with the captivating beauty of our Lava Isopod Culture—available now for your enjoyment!

Porcellio scaber

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