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Red Sea

Red Sea Algae Control Pro Multi Test Kit (NO3|PO4)

Red Sea Algae Control Pro Multi Test Kit (NO3|PO4)

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Introducing the Red Sea Algae Control Pro Multi Test Kit (NO3|PO4) - your ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine saltwater reef aquarium! With its high accuracy colorimetric comparator tests, this kit ensures exceptional precision in measuring Nitrate and Phosphate levels, crucial for the health of your aquatic ecosystem.

  • High Accuracy: Get precise measurements of Nitrate and Phosphate levels with confidence, ensuring the optimal conditions for your reef inhabitants.
  • Reef Care Program Integration: Designed to work seamlessly with Red Sea's NO3: PO4-X, this kit facilitates accurate dosing for effective biological Nitrate & Phosphate reduction.
  • Algae Control: Keep unwanted algae at bay by monitoring and controlling Nitrate and Phosphate levels, promoting a clean and vibrant reef environment.
  • Comprehensive Testing: The kit includes everything you need for thorough testing, making it easy to stay on top of your aquarium's water quality.
  • Reef Hobbyist Essential: Ideal for both novice and experienced reef keepers, this kit is a must-have tool for maintaining optimal water parameters and preventing algae outbreaks.

Kit includes:

  • NO3 reagent A – 25ml
  • NO3 reagent B – 20g
  • NO3 reagent C – 20g
  • PO4 reagent A – 50ml
  • PO4 reagent B – 15ml
  • Color disk
  • Color card
  • Pipette
  • 10ml syringe
  • 2 spoons

Who Should Use This Product: This product is tailored for saltwater reef hobbyists who are dedicated to the health and beauty of their aquatic environment. By accurately monitoring Nitrate and Phosphate levels, users can effectively control algae growth and promote the well-being of their coral and fish inhabitants. Simply follow the included instructions to perform regular tests and adjust dosing as necessary, ensuring a balanced and thriving reef ecosystem.

Elevate your reef-keeping experience with the Red Sea Algae Control Pro Multi Test Kit - your key to a vibrant and algae-free aquarium paradise!

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