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Shiro Utsuri Isopod Culture | 10 ct

Shiro Utsuri Isopod Culture | 10 ct

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Introducing our Shiro Utsuri Isopod Culture, inspired by the exquisite ornamental Japanese koi fish. These remarkable isopods are not just pets; they're charming companions for your isopod enclosure or tropical bioactive terrarium. With their distinctive black-and-white mottled Dalmatian coloration, the Shiro Utsuri isopods are a lively and friendly addition to any isopod enthusiast's collection.


  • Active and Friendly: Shiro Utsuri isopods are known for their vibrant personalities, making them one of the most active and friendliest isopods you'll ever encounter.
  • Eye-Catching Dalmatian Coloration: Adorned with striking black-and-white markings, these isopods add a touch of elegance to your terrarium, resembling the beautiful koi fish that inspired their name.
  • Manageable Size: Growing up to around 2cm, these isopods strike the perfect balance between being sizable enough to appreciate their intricate patterns and compact enough for easy terrarium maintenance.
  • Inquisitive Nature: Watch as your Shiro Utsuri isopods explore their environment with curiosity, providing endless entertainment for enthusiasts and observers alike.
  • Easy to Keep: Whether you're a seasoned isopod keeper or a beginner, the Shiro Utsuri isopods are hassle-free to care for, making them an excellent choice for both experienced hobbyists and those new to isopod keeping.

For Isopod Enthusiasts:

Designed with isopod enthusiasts in mind, the Shiro Utsuri Isopod Culture is perfect for those seeking a unique and visually appealing addition to their collection. Create thriving isopod enclosures, vibrant isopod terrariums, or lush bioactive vivariums with these captivating creatures. Elevate your isopod-keeping experience with the charm and charisma of the Shiro Utsuri isopods. Order now and bring the beauty of Japanese koi-inspired isopods to your terrarium!

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