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Zoo Med Creatures Isopod Banquet Block

Zoo Med Creatures Isopod Banquet Block

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Introducing the Zoo Med Creatures Isopod Banquet Block – the ultimate solution for maintaining a thriving and healthy isopod colony! Give your isopods the care they deserve with this meticulously crafted calcium block, fortified with essential vitamins and high-protein pellets to meet their specific dietary needs.

  • Calcium Block with High-Protein Pellets: This block is specially formulated to provide your isopods with a rich source of calcium, essential for their growth and development. The addition of high-protein pellets ensures a balanced diet, promoting optimal health and vitality.
  • Provides a Source of Essential Calcium: Isopods have exceptionally high calcium requirements to support the formation of their hard exoskeletons. This banquet block delivers a steady supply of calcium to meet their dietary needs, helping to prevent deficiencies and promoting overall well-being.
  • Doubles as a Long-Term Food Source: Not only does this block serve as a calcium supplement, but it also functions as a long-term food source for your isopods. The irresistible, high-protein crumbles hidden within the calcium base provide sustained nourishment, ensuring your colony stays healthy and prolific.
  • Perfect for Bioactive Habitats and Breeding Colonies: Whether you're maintaining a bioactive terrarium or breeding isopods for educational or hobby purposes, this banquet block is an indispensable addition to your setup. It supports the natural ecosystem of your enclosure and promotes breeding success.
  • Great for All Species: Suitable for a variety of isopod species, including Armadillidium, Cubaris, and Porcellio spp., this banquet block is a versatile solution for all your isopod care needs.


  • Offer one block per colony, placing the blocks directly on the ground of the habitat or on a food dish.
  • Replace the block weekly or sooner if it becomes soiled.

Pro Tip: Place the block in the front of the habitat to observe your isopods feast, and use the CreatureView Magnifier to get a closer look!

Isopods Need Calcium

Isopods are fascinating creatures with unique dietary requirements, and providing them with a consistent source of calcium is essential for their health and well-being. Regular molting is crucial for their growth, during which they require ample calcium to form new exoskeletons. The Zoo Med Creatures Isopod Banquet Block is designed to supplement their calcium intake, ensuring they have the necessary nutrients to thrive.

This product is intended for isopod keepers looking to provide the best food for their beloved pets. Simply place the banquet block in your isopod enclosure, and watch as your colony enjoys the nutritious benefits. Whether used as a supplement or an enriching way to observe these fascinating creatures, this banquet block is a must-have for any isopod enthusiast.

Enhance your isopod's diet and promote their overall health with the Zoo Med Creatures Isopod Banquet Block – the best choice for discerning isopod keepers everywhere!

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