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Aquavitro Calcification

Aquavitro Calcification

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Bioavailable Calcium for Reef Tanks

Elevate your reef-keeping experience with Aquavitro Calcification, a powerhouse aquarium water treatment designed for the discerning reef keeper. Packed with a concentrated blend of ionic and bioavailable gluconate-complexed calcium, this formula is crafted to perfection, ensuring optimal coral growth while preventing calcium precipitation and alkalinity depletion.

Key Features:

  • High Concentration (140,000 mg/L): Ensure optimal coral growth with a concentrated blend of bioavailable gluconate-complexed calcium.
  • Prevents Calcium Precipitation/Alkalinity Depletion: Maintain the delicate balance necessary for a thriving marine environment.
  • Peak Coral Growth: Unlock the full potential of your coral with a formula specially crafted to support peak growth.
  • Natural Seawater Levels: Mimic the calcium levels found in natural seawater without affecting pH.
  • Efficient Absorption: Gluconate-complexed calcium ensures efficient absorption with minimal physiological effort.

Intended for Leading-Edge Reef Keepers: Aquavitro Calcification is tailored for advanced reef keepers who demand excellence in maintaining calcium levels in their marine tanks. Ideal for calcium supplementation in reef tanks and saltwater aquariums, this formula provides the bioavailable gluconate-complexed calcium essential for optimal coral growth.

How to Use:

For best results, add Aquavitro Calcification to your aquarium following the recommended dosage guidelines. Regular testing and adjustments may be necessary to achieve and maintain the desired calcium levels. Elevate your reef-keeping journey with Aquavitro Calcification – the key to a thriving, vibrant marine ecosystem.

Invest in the health of your reef today. Aquavitro Calcification – Where Excellence Meets Aquarium Innovation.

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