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Aquavitro Eight.Four

Aquavitro Eight.Four

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Elevate Your Reef Keeping Experience

Experience unparalleled pH and alkalinity control with Aquavitro Eight.Four, a cutting-edge solution designed for advanced reef keepers. Our product boasts a meticulously balanced buffer system, achieving an industry-leading pK of 8.6. Maintaining a pH of 8.3-8.5 has never been easier, thanks to the innovative formulation of Eight.Four.

Key Features:

  • Precision Buffer System: Supplies a precisely balanced buffer system with a remarkable pK of 8.6, ensuring optimal pH maintenance within the recommended range for reef aquariums.
  • Dual-action pH Adjustment: Safely raises marine pH while simultaneously adjusting alkalinity, providing a comprehensive solution for reef tank enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced Buffering Capacity: The higher pK significantly enhances the buffer's ability to counteract inevitable acidic sources in the water, providing a robust defense against pH fluctuations.
  • Concentrated Blend: Contains a concentrated and balanced blend of bicarbonate and carbonate salts, specifically formulated to restore disrupted buffer systems and increase carbonate alkalinity.
  • Daily Dosing Convenience: Unlike competing products that require multi-day interval dosing when combined with carbonate supplements, Eight.Four can be dosed daily, ensuring a hassle-free and consistent approach to pH and alkalinity management.

For Leading-edge Reef Keepers:

Aquavitro Eight.Four is tailored for the discerning reef keeper who demands precision and reliability. Ideal for those seeking to elevate their aquarium experience, this product is specifically intended for raising pH and alkalinity in reef aquariums. Maintain the ideal alkalinity for your reef tank effortlessly, with targeted support for dKH in saltwater aquariums.

Usage Guidelines:

To achieve optimal results, add Aquavitro Eight.Four to your aquarium daily. Follow recommended dosage instructions based on your aquarium's specific needs. Ideal for reef tanks facing challenges such as low pH in marine tanks or inadequate alkalinity for reef environments. Elevate your reef keeping experience with Aquavitro Eight.Four – setting a new standard in pH and alkalinity control for advanced aquarium enthusiasts.

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