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Fritz Aquatics

Fritz MetroCleanse

Fritz MetroCleanse

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Fritz MetroCleanse - Aquarium Water Treatment

Transform your aquarium into a haven of health with Fritz MetroCleanse, the ultimate solution for aquatic well-being. This safe and effective antibiotic and anti-parasitic treatment stand as your shield against common protozoan and bacterial infections. Unleash the power of Fritz MetroCleanse to combat internal parasitic and bacterial challenges, ensuring the vitality of your aquatic companions.


  • Versatile Treatment: Fritz MetroCleanse tackles various protozoan and bacterial infections, making it your go-to ick medicine for fish. Whether you're dealing with ich, bacterial infections, or internal parasites, this treatment has you covered.
  • Invertebrate Safe: Unlike many treatments, Fritz MetroCleanse can be safely used in systems containing invertebrates. Say goodbye to limitations, as you treat your aquarium without compromising its diverse inhabitants.
  • Preserves Beneficial Bacteria: Maintain a healthy aquatic environment by choosing a treatment that won't disrupt the beneficial bacteria crucial for your tank's balance. Fritz MetroCleanse allows your ecosystem to thrive while combating sickness.
  • Quarantine Tank Advantage: For optimal results, use Fritz MetroCleanse in a quarantine tank. This targeted approach ensures a focused and effective treatment, minimizing stress on your main aquarium.
  • Scaleless Fish Friendly: Fritz MetroCleanse can be used full strength with scaleless fish, offering a solution that considers the unique needs of your aquatic companions. Provide the care they deserve without compromise.

Usage Instructions:

Fritz MetroCleanse is designed for fish keepers seeking a reliable and comprehensive solution for common aquarium sicknesses. Ideal for treating ich and other bacterial infections, this versatile medication is a must-have in every fish keeper's toolkit.

Broadcast Instructions:

Remove all invertebrates prior to dosing if using the broadcast method. Use 1 packet of MetroCleanse per 20 gallons (76 L) every 48 hours until symptoms disappear, up to ten treatments.

Feeding Instructions:

Use 1 packet MetroCleanse mixed per tablespoon of normal food (adding some water if food is dry). Feed the medicated food mix daily until symptoms disappear or up to three weeks. Refrigerate or freeze leftover mix between dosing/feeding. No adjustment of filtration needed.

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