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San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery

San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery

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Introducing the San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery, your ultimate solution for growing your own brine shrimp right at home! With its innovative design and convenient features, this Shrimpery is the perfect choice for aquarium hobbyists looking to provide their fish with highly nutritious and natural food.

  • Grow Your Own Brine Shrimp: With the included 3 packets of Hatch Mix™, you can easily hatch your own brine shrimp, providing a constant and fresh food source for your fish.
  • For Baby Fish & Reef Tanks: This Shrimpery is specifically designed for feeding baby fish and enhancing the health of reef tanks, ensuring optimal growth and vitality.
  • Educational Tool: Not just for feeding purposes, this Shrimpery doubles as an educational tool, allowing you to observe the fascinating process of brine shrimp hatching.
  • All Natural and Highly Nutritious: Our brine shrimp hatch mix is all-natural and packed with essential nutrients, promoting the overall health and well-being of your aquatic pets.
  • Stimulates Growth and Enhances Color: The nutritious diet provided by our brine shrimp promotes healthy growth and vibrant colors in your fish, enhancing their beauty and vitality.

Ideal for aquarium hobbyists, the San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery is a must-have addition to your setup. Simply add water and watch as your brine shrimp hatch and thrive. Whether you're a seasoned fish enthusiast or just starting out, this Shrimpery is easy to use and provides a constant supply of fresh and nutritious food for your fish. Give your aquatic pets the best with the San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery and watch them flourish like never before!


  1. Empty one pack of Hatch Mix into Shrimpery.
  2. Using room temperature tap water fill Shrimpery to marker level and collector bottle to brim. Stir contents of Shrimpery until salt is no longer visible at bottom.
  3. Cover collector bottle and Shrimpery. Water level should be higher than circular ledge in Shrimpery cover. (add water if necessary)
  4. Place the collector bottle (lid side down) into Shrimpery cover. Note: tap top of collector bottle to release air bubble(s) that may be blocking hole in collector lid.
  5. Within 18 to 40 hours (depending upon temperature) brine shrimp, naturally attracted to light will be seen swimming up into the collector bottle*.
  6. Feed your baby fish from the freshwater in the collection bottle. You may collect additional brine shrimp for as long as 24 hours. (to collect more shrimp as often as every 2 hours simply refill collector bottle with fresh tap water)

*Only the brine shrimp swim up through the hole and are washed free of salt. The saltwater being heavier than fresh water in the collection bottle stays behind.

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